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Extra Innings started out with a desire to assemble like-minded musicians to perform live music which many other cover bands might not touch; and not because these songs are by any means substandard or unfamiliar. We made a nonverbal commitment that it would be our mission to introduce our audiences to hidden gems, obscure classics and songs by newer artists who haven't necessarily caught on to the mainstream yet - and it's working very well for us!

So we are very appreciative and happy that we are able to continue this mission - journey - whatever you want to call it, throughout the Summer of 2019! At certain performances we will also expand our ranks to include our good friend and fantastic bassist Rich L of the very popular "No Way Out" band, which will allow Bill K to expand our sound with his prodigious keyboard skills!

We look forward to seeing you around the area and making us part of your support for live & local music in central New Jersey.

We wouldn't be able to do this without you and the venues who support us!

Blogfinger - A Digital Breeze From The Jersey Shore

We like Blogfinger, and not just because they post our songs and pictures (although that's a pretty good reason)! If you want a refreshing, unadulterated perspective on what's happening in and around the Jersey shore - and beyond, this is your kind of blog.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

To quote the classic British comedy troupe, Extra Innings combines the veteran musical talents of
Bill K, Bob O, Bill D and Tara with an H. Extra Innings brings a fresh, eclectic sound to south-central and Jersey shore venues, with a unique collection of material spanning the familiar, the obscure and the original. Stay tuned for updates and become a fan of Extra Innings.

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If you like the music you hear at an Extra Innings show, you can listen to some of our favorite influences - right now! Streaming radio from Martha's Vineyard and Live 365 right at your fingertips!

Applebees in Tinton Falls - Live & Local shows all summer!

A Great Clarence Clemons Story from drummer Bob O

I had a chance to  meet Clarence Clemons at The Drift Inn in 1975 on my 18th birthday.  I was playing in a band called "Dayz".  The bass player was an Asbury local named John Luraschi. He was a good friend of Vini Lopez, the original E Street drummer.  Anyway, this huge guy sat in on a song and played sax - without a mic!  His hands were as big as my floor tom. 
I had no idea of the significance of Born To Run in April 1975.  That fall when the album took off I started to understand the importance of who I had met. 
Coincidentally, we had a guy playing a Hammond B3 with a full Leslie cabinet.  Danny Federici also sat in on that organ that night.  I had no idea who he really was at the time either. 
The band did not stay together, but it is an interesting story.  I don't even remember what song we played!

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